Toddler Wooden Toys | What Are the Best Toys for Toddlers?

what are the best toys for toddlers

Toys are incredibly essential for the development of babies and toddlers.

As they are critical elements for their timely development, you cannot undervalue the importance of choosing the best toys for the needs of your toddler. As your baby grows, his/her body changes and mind develops, you will need to satisfy his/her curiosity with high-quality toys, which are not only fun to play with, but contribute to his/her mental and physical development.

In this article we are going to show you several educational wooden toys, which are perfect choices for toddlers with a growing curiosity to the world around them.

All Toys Are Not Made Equal! 

There are two types of toys: “one and done toys” and “open-ended toys.” The latter is what we want to line our homes with.

“One and Done Toys” usually are battery-powered, and they can light up or create noise. These toys amuse a child by talking to them, singing to them, and posing questions. They typically have only ONE purpose (which means you can’t use the toy in some other way except how it was originally designed).

On the other side, open-ended toys… They encourage the child to be the entertainer and direct the play as they see fit.

What Are the Types of Toys You Should Get? 

Open-ended toys are ideal for a toddler who enjoys playing creatively.

Open-ended toys allow children to dream, invent, and expand. These toys support children in learning essential social and life skills that will benefit them well in adulthood, such as listening, problem-solving, and appreciation skills.

Our Top Picks – Best toys for toddlers

It may be challenging to choose the perfect toy for a toddler—the best toy is the one that is both educational and fun. Parents will appreciate a high-quality product that supports movement skills and counting, whereas young children will enjoy the toys’ simplicity.

Here are some of the best toddler toys:


Wooden building blocks

A plain collection of wooden blocks is undoubtedly one of the best straightforward open-ended toys you can buy. You can see these for children throughout elementary school.

The Lily Kids Wooden Blocks Bag contains 60 sturdy, high-grade wooden pieces that are ergonomically built for easy manipulation by a toddler’s hands. They snap together quickly for hours of fun construction and repairing.


Wooden activity cube

This Multi-function interactive wooden cube is a toddler toy intended to improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and inspire imaginative play. This 5-in-1 cube features a range of activities with chunky buttons that quickly pop in and out of place. All of the five sides have various shapes and sizes of a brightly colored wood puzzle for toddlers to play.


Wooden pull along car

The pull-along car is a beloved toddler toy. Both boys and girls can play with this toy for hours, filling the basket with an imaginary item of various wooden shapes through the matched holes, then open the lid and take all out to start again.

This pull-along wooden car toy is ideal for learning basic shapes and numbers, as well as for improving manual dexterity. What’s more? The easy-to-push wheels are built to cover indoor surfaces while still being rugged enough to be used outdoors.

What are some of your favorite toddler toys? 

Know that we don’t need to get every toy for our children, but the right toys will make a big difference. Let’s get those kids playing again (and get rid of the toys that play for them).

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