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Modern Wooden City Blocks with 56 Blocks | Preschool Learning Educational Toys for Kids


Build a modern city - The best option to have some quality time with your children!

Contains 56 Wooden Blocks, Building Block Set, including wooden cars and colourful buildings, and a city puzzle map mat - they can play also with their own Legos, cars on the city map. It is a beautiful modern city that triggers your child's imagination! Let your kids explore the joy of constructing their own city. This educational wooden building block set brings joy to playtime and allows children to enrich their creativity and to make pretend play even more fun. It's a perfect birthday or Christmas present.

Stove and BBQ wooden toy set | High quality pretend play foldable kitchen set | 2 in 1 cooker with stove one side / BBQ the other side


Make pretend play even more fun with this wooden kitchen set

Allow your child to make pretend play even more real with the help of this wooden kitchen set toy. This realistic wooden toy set gives them every tool they need to cook a delicious pretend meal, just like mummy and daddy make it in real life! Don't worry about sharp edges, these wooden toys are safe for children, and have been specifically designed to make playtime safe for all ages. It is ideal for picnics, and easy to carry around. Let your child improve their imagination with a realistic wooden kitchen toy.