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Wooden Truck Toys with 3 mini cars for 2 Year Olds, Double-Decker Car Carrier, Wooden Car Transporter Toy | Double Decker Trailer


Classic car toy for car enthusiast kids

The Wooden Car Trailer is made of high-quality natural wood with soft, non-toxic water-based paint. The great design and construction make the truck toy ideal for 2-year-old kids. This item is durable, long-lasting, and fun to play with, so you can easily gift it away to someone else, or your next child, when the other one doesn't need it anymore. It is a great present for 2-year-old kids, who can be entertained for years with wooden toys like this. The deck can be rotated between the truck head and body to exercise the ability of visual tracking. This wooden truck also helps to build logical thinking and motor skills.