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Shape Block Puzzle with Different Animals | Wooden Puzzle for Kids | Montessori Educational Toys | Shape Sorting | Woodland Animal Puzzle


Help your baby learn shapes, colours, and animals with the help of this cute wooden puzzle

Toys type and quality of toys are extremely important in the early development phase of a child's life. High-quality wooden toys are able to educate and entertain your child at the same time. As a result, he/she can develop numerous skills while innocently playing with cute animals and well-made wooden puzzle blocks. This wooden puzzle will spark your child's interest, increase his/her creativity and fine motor skill development while your beloved baby learns to sort the wooden puzzle pieces by shape and colour in order to create make patterns.  

High-quality wooden puzzle to develop your child’s logic

We all know that complicated puzzles are developing our vision of space and logical thinking. While “traditional” puzzles are clearly too complicated for toddlers and little children, there still are simpler alternatives that are suitable for them and able to promote the same level of development in their brains.

Wooden puzzles sold by Lily Kids Toys were precisely designed for the needs of little children and babies in order to further their education and development. These wooden puzzles are super easy for adults and older children, though they still perfectly match the needs of the little ones, and they are complicated enough for them to trigger their thinking.

The nice colours, different forms, and changing shapes help them match the pieces together, which promotes their logical thinking, colour and shape recognition, while improving their coordination.