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Modern Wooden City Blocks with 56 Blocks | Preschool Learning Educational Toys for Kids


Build a modern city - The best option to have some quality time with your children!

Contains 56 Wooden Blocks, Building Block Set, including wooden cars and colourful buildings, and a city puzzle map mat - they can play also with their own Legos, cars on the city map. It is a beautiful modern city that triggers your child's imagination! Let your kids explore the joy of constructing their own city. This educational wooden building block set brings joy to playtime and allows children to enrich their creativity and to make pretend play even more fun. It's a perfect birthday or Christmas present.

Nesting and Stacking Blocks Tower with numbers, animals and shapes for toddlers from 18 month old in soft colours


This nesting and building blocks tower set will teach your kid balance, improve motor skills and help with shape-recognition

Thanks to the well-thought-out nature of this wooden building blocks tower, it can serve several purposes in the life of your little one. It helps them to learn forms, colours, numbers while learning about balance and the difference between sizes when they stack the different blocks over each other. Apart from that, it is a great method to improve their motor skills, and eye-hand coordination, as placing each block in the correct place is crucial for the balance of the building blocks tower. Let your child develop while having fun at the same time with the use of this well-made wooden toy.

Wooden Building Blocks | Developmental, educational construction toy in soft colour | Blocks & Building 60 pieces | Gift for Boy or Girl


Hours of education and fun with the help of this premium quality wooden building block set

This carefully made wooden building block set illuminates the children's talent, and stimulates their imagination and creativity. It’s a classic educational toy with a modern twist that provides hours of hands-on, screen-free play and learning. With the help of this wooden building block set your kids can develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and balance. They also learn the basic rules of life and gravity by stacking the wooden blocks over each other, and finding the best spot for equilibrium. 60 Wooden Blocks in soft colours and a guide brochure. Block sizes between 3 and 8 cm long.

Building blocks are a great way to improve hand-eye coordination, balancing skills, and logical thinking

Wooden building blocks provide a superior alternative to their plastic counterparts. They have a lighter, and friendlier colour, that is pleasant for the babies and stimulates their brain. They consist of bigger pieces than other household plastic building block brands, which makes them ideal for toddlers when they are in the phase of putting everything in their mouths.

Apart from these benefits, wooden building blocks contribute to improving the logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and balancing abilities of your child. As a result of playing with building block sets, they learn about basic physics and rules of life, when they discover how the blocks behave and what happens to them as they stack them on top of each other.

Other types of building blocks, like nesting toys, help them with shape recognition, problem solving, and logical thinking, while they are trying to find the matching piece for each hole.