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Baby Wooden Bike for 1-2 Year-Olds | Toddlers Ride on bike | 4 wheeled wooden push balance bike


Kid's first bike

Give your child an experience of a lifetime, and surprise him/her with a cool wooden vehicle, which makes everyone wish they were kids again. This 4 wheeled ride on bike is perfect for toddlers to enjoy the outdoors while strengthening their muscles, doing some exercises, and breathing some fresh air. Make your walks in the park or in the city more enjoyable for all members of the family with the use of this ride-on trike toy.

Why wooden bikes and push balance bikes are great for toddlers?

If your child is ready to explore their surroundings in a more active way, a push balance bike could be just the perfect gift for him/her. The wooden bikes sold by Lily Kids Toys contribute to the strengthening of leg muscles and the development of balancing abilities while your little one enjoys moving around freely indoors or outdoors.

The wooden bikes were built with extra caution and care, so they are totally safe for children to ride on. They were designed to provide support and comfort for the child while they are racing in the park, or in the garden.

Thanks to a wooden push balance bike you can activate the brain and muscles of your child, and add extra movement opportunities to their day, which positively affect their life mentally and physically as well.