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Montessori Wooden Bell | Suitable from birth | A lovely Baby toy, perfect first baby present


Best first educational toy for Babies

Our wooden baby rattles are colorful, well-built, and made from the highest quality wooden materials. Decorated by animals and painted in different colours, it is the best one as the first toy for your baby. Allow your baby to discover noises, new shapes, and colours with the help of the wooden bell rattle. What is more, they are also a great way to capture their attention, encourage their movement, and develop their motor skills. By doing this, they are able to improve crucial abilities necessary for their timely cognitive and physical development. Make your baby smile with wooden rattles, which are made of non-toxic materials. As a result, you don't have to worry if your child puts it in their mouth, and let's be honest, as they grow, they do it quite frequently.

Baby rattles are suitable from birth

Baby rattles are cute and fun. A nicely coloured and robust wooden baby rattle can be a great adventure for your baby. He/she can enjoy the sound it produces while moving it around, thus connecting the sound they hear and the movements they make in their brain.

In our inventory, you can choose from 3 different wooden baby rattles. Choose the pink foxy, the blue elephant, or the orange hedgehog to match the interests and likes of your little one.

Teach them colours, shapes and sounds early on, and occupy their little hands with durable toys made of safe materials.